Emmett Holladay Anderson


Indy Weekly Review: "A Superlative Adaptation of Virginia Woolf's Orlando Packs Centuries of Insight into a Fleet Eighty Minutes"

"Anderson beautifully balances Orlando’s two sides: cheeky and cocksure as a man; gentle and flirtatious as a woman. Four equally talented players support her extremely engaging performance." - News and Observer

"Anderson was an unerring choice. Her honesty and enthusiasm transcends the gender binary and her personable Orlando, both male and female manifestations, finds authenticity in the magic." - Triangle Arts and Entertainment

LOVE AND INFORMATION listed one of the nine great local theater productions of 2015:

"A gifted quintet played a compelling game of human pinball as Caryl Churchill's characters got the news (or didn't) in 65 relationships, ranging from snarky lovers to torturer and victim. It returns next month in an encore production at Manbites Dog Theater." - Byron Woods, Indy Weekly